Hit it rich casino glitch

hit it rich casino glitch

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Hit It Rich Casino Glitch Video

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Since this is basically driving an IFRAME, my suspicion is that it's not possible to augment the request in this manner, but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask!

Download processing is fine but after downloading the file dialog is not closing. I have read the comments and i have come to know the problem is that need to add setCookie method but where i have to place this bit of code.

I will be greatly if help. Thank you in advance. Please suggest on what step I am wrong. Thanks for the plugin. I have a problem retrieving files address with folder.

Thx — Kiko —. Hi, first of all thanx for this plugin, which is very useful indeed… I'm having though an issue when downloading a pdf on iPad in full screen mode.

Doing a little research on google, it turns out that window. I do have a question though: I want to perform various other ajax operations while the download is in progress my downloaded file takes a while to create on the server.

On the server I keep track of how much progress the 'file building' has made. Great plugin this is amazing! I do have a question although I think I know the answer I thought I'd ask anyways.

Is it possible to use the HttpResponseMessage and actually return a file that's in memory? The case I have is that I'm generating the file on the fly and trying to download it using your amazing plugin.

Any help would be great! Thank you very much. I am trying to do the same thing as Jason. Is there a way to download a file that exists only in memory?

Thanks for the plugin! I'm able to get it working on all browsers. But in iOS, if popup is enabled, I can not get the new tab to load.

Any way to bypass that? I had some problems getting successCallback to fire, but found the problem after a little while. Hi John, First of all thank you for the wonderful script.

Saved a lot of time in exporting the file to Microsoft Excel and download the same from the server. Though I could force download the file which was opening the file dialog, I was looking at an option where the download success message was displayed on the user screen.

You script help me do it. I did have a small glitch in the code. In your example for PHP you have set the cookie name to be 'fileDownload' and its value to 'true'.

For some reason the condition where the cookies are checked for equality failed ver 1. Now the onSuccess call back got a hit.

But unfortunately, the cookie was being removed and this used to expire my session. I commented out the cookie removal code and its working fine. I am yet to test further to see if there is any issues in commenting out the code in your script.

Looking forward to your suggestions and any corrections to the approach I adopted. I implemented the code in vb.

No error in show but it just does not download. This plugin does not work if Content-Disposition: How to open pdf file in new tab using this?

I tried to throw an error response for the form example in my case, the php file echoes some html as a warning for no data to be downloaded: I searched on the internet and send you a diff file I don't have a github account, sorry for the following changes: But its default size is unpractical.

For browsers which prompt user, non-hidden frame border is visible, and it just blinks on file download, right before prompt displays.

Thank you for your feeback about this and the patch I propose. I'm having problems setting the cookie from a WebAPI controller. Anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this?

Glad the plugin is working for you. Perhaps I can include that in a future commit. Feel free to contribute on GitHub in the mean time if I don't get to it for awhile.

I checked the source code, but couldn't find anything. I would try stepping through the jQueryFileDownload source and see why the callback isn't getting called.

I don't think it's an issue with the code since it appears to be working in the demo but you never know. If I were to throw a guess out there I would think that perhaps the cookie is being written incorrectly.

I am having a few problems using the code from your "Custom rich user experience — jquery. The modal dialog opens and the file download completes, but the dialog box does not close.

It is not clear that the successCallBack function is ever called. The response header for the downloaded file has the appropriate settings for the cookie, as you describe in the documentation, so I'm not sure what might be broken.

Also, the text "We are preparing your report, please wait…" never appears in the dialog. This behavior is true for both Firefox I am having problems with getting the dialog to close.

Files are successfully downloaded, but the dialog remains open after the download. I am using the code snippet from your "Custom rich user experience" that employs the 'preparing-file-modal' divs.

The cookie is correctly returned in the response header, so I don't believe that is the problem. Also, the text in the dialog "We are preparing your report, please wait….

This problem occurs in both Firefox Any clues on what I should be checking would be appreciated. John, I managed after all.

I can recognize empty download on server side, so I sent the same cookie but with different value. Then I copied your check of a cookie and callbacks and made emptyCallback available.

Now I have success, empty download and error as three different paths with three different feedbacks for user. Thank you again very much. I'm not aware of any way around it at this point unfortunately.

Very interesting plugin and it works for me except for IE7. Trouble in my case is, that the download may be empty, in which case failCallback is used.

In IE7, however, this is not enough. But the question is — is there any other way how to treat empty download differently? What if real error occured on the server — then I can't distinguish it from empty response which I have to mask as I originally tried , which was probably deep misunderstanding on my part — this rather refreshed the whole page in the browser.

I'd welcome any suggestions as I'd love to use this plugin in our future works, it seems quite reliable when I stick to code for errors and the experience is just great.

Users just can't be talked out of wanting to disable buttons and then enable them again, so we have to use something like this.

If I remove uncomment that line, everything loads fine. I have updated the GitHub and the demo site with a setTimeout 0 around the cleanup which should clear the stack before cleaning up hopefully fixing the issue.

I'm unable to get it to happen now. Anyone please let me know if you can get it to happen again, thanks!

I confirm that for firefox there is problem. It'll fail silently and randomly even on demo for success case.

If I DO add the SetCookie to the header, it may be 2 or 3 clicks before I see the dialog asking whether I want to open or save the file, but the file save dialog never appears after I click "Ok" on that one.

However, the callbacks don't get called until that dialog goes away, which is what I'd expect. I need to use this plugin with coldfusion 9.

Here I found demo with ASP. I want to use this with coldfusion. No idea how to manage code related to cookie as shown for ASP.

This is in response to Andrew Laws and anyone else experiencing intermittent failures to get prompted to save a file. The problem appears to be due to the iframe getting removed too quickly.

I solved the problem by changing line of v1. The added delay seems to clear up the problem. A better solution might be to check and see if the iframe already exist when it is being created and if so, remove the existing one first.

If you are using. If you have httpOnlyCookies on you won't be able to read the cookie client side and it won't work.

I think this might even be the default option. A checklist sends a lot of params with the same name, so the server is waiting a list like object.

This tool is really useful. I have it working but it would seem that it doesn't work for ALL extensions of files.

At least that's my conclusion after trying to download 5 files with the same name but different extensions.

Some were downloaded but to the others appeared the "A file downloaded error …" box and didn't download. And it's happening a funny thing in IE.

When I request the download, the save box shows up but also the error box when downloading known extensions. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed an intermittent failure with this plugin when using Firefox?

This is with a "straight" out of the box Firefox install v Chrome, Opera, Safari and, yes, even IE! It's easily reproducible for me on the demo page http: There is absolutely no indication that anything has gone wrong apart form this.

When the failure occurs, it's not permanent, and clicking on the link again usually gets me the file but it still fails intermittently afterwards.

I've tried to figure out what's going on by installing the FireBug extension and debugging, but I can't track down the difference between the successes and failures.

The flow of execution seems the same in both cases. Having said that, I have noticed that:. For example, if my test file takes 5 seconds to prepare, and I set the checkInterval to i.

Also, it could just be that I have been lucky and not seen it under those conditions — the usual problem with the intermittent problems….

Good idea on checking the iframe's readyState. Your right though, unfortunately when I was testing this approach Chrome didn't work.

Each browser that did work had different things happen to the readyState of course right? Thanks for the thought! My successCallback is never called because if document.

On the server side I added header 'Set-Cookie: I can't help but think though, is the cookie component even necessary? The iframe state can be tested using.

I have used the same code that you have given but in simple ASP. Net , What should be the URL Passed in the link , I am giving the path of the pdf, But it is going to the Failure , what could be the reason, I will be really great full if you can help me on this.

Plugin is unable to download 'dat' and 'jpg' files. I am not sure whats going wrong? Your comments would be appreciated.

There is a issue for Firefox, if my FF prompts me selecting the path to download, and at that time, the temp iframe has already been removed, so the download will not continue, anyway can detect the save as dialog?

I took a look at the site indicated and it doesn't appear to be running anymore. The cookie should be written along with the response stream that contains the file.

In my examples it looks something like "Content-Disposition: The cookie needs to be included in a header with that. Not sure if I've done this right.

I have a gaming site and i'm trying to use your script to give the. I've included your modal dialog version of the script. What I'm not sure is about the server side cookie.

I use a redirect script to track all the download requests in PHP. Prior to setting the header location, I'm setting the cookie to your PHP line above.

What happens on IE is that the download script reports a failure, but successfully executes the request. On the Mac which is not really needed at this moment, but will be later it flashes the processing dialog and doesn't execute the download at all.

I would have to write a proxy streaming script to know when its done since I'm linking outside my site. Not a big deal, but not something I saw noted in your example.

I'm not sure what could cause that issue without doing local debugging of it. Make sure that you have added a script reference to jQuery before your script reference to jQuery file download.

Also try calling jQuery file download with the exact same syntax as mentioned in one of my posts to make sure its not a syntax issue for starters.

Hope you get it figured out. Are you writing a cookie along with your file download? Unfortunately this is the only way to detect file downloads reliably cross browser.

Make sure using FireBug, Chrome, Fiddler etc. I hope this helps! Is never true, so it doesn't stop, and no success function is fired.

It happens on last versions of FF, Chrome and safary. Without it knowing any better it probably just spawns up a browser to deal with that event since IFRAMEs are generally junk except in this one case, ha!

Take a look at this forum post I found to help clarify: Unfortunately this is probably permanent so you may need to find a different solution perhaps using native code in the device you are targeting even?

First of all, great Plugin. I tried in my webbrowser, working properly. Does it work on webkit? I mean it does but actually I decided to include this into my phonegap app using jQuery Mobile and when i click the link it leaves the application and redirect to the native browser.

Did I miss something? I have fully tested in native IE installs and everything appears to work properly in my demo.

IE Tester is a pretty cool thing for high level testing I use it for starters on everything that I need cross IE browser support but sometimes it gets a little weird with things so I'll always finish off testing in a native install.

Too bad you can't run multiple IEs on a single box right…. I'm updating the post to include tested browsers.

Let me know if you notice anything else or can think of some cool features to add! The file download dialog does not show after the initial file generation animation completes.

I don't personally have IE8 installed, but used IETester instead and is supposed to give accurate behavior. Email will not be published required.

We are preparing your report, please wait There was a problem generating your report, please try again. AddYears - 1 ;. Reply Luca Oct 15, 6: Reply Puneet Sep 21, Reply Can Aug 3, 7: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Reply Gary Jun 6, 9: Reply siddharth Jan 22, 6: Please keep us informed like this. Reply Steve B Nov 22, 1: Reply Steve B Nov 22, 3: Reply dee Nov 20, 8: Reply Alex Oct 25, 5: Reply Alex Oct 27, 4: Reply Daniele Jun 16, 2: This blog gives useful facts to us, keep it up.

Reply Manny Jan 31, 2: I Didn't know that!: Reply Saroj Dec 13, 7: Reply Niraj Patel Nov 30, 3: Reply Wayn Nov 14, If a run F12 I can see the file in the response.

Reply Joe Kahl Oct 25, 9: Reply Luciano Oct 14, 7: Reply Diego Oct 14, Reply vikas Oct 5, Reply Alejandro Sep 22, 8: I mean something like this: Reply proshank Sep 22, 7: Reply regalos para mujer Jul 29, 6: Reply Junes Jul 12, Reply Mallory Bluhm May 27, 6: Reply Vishal May 19, 5: Reply Randie May 16, 3: Reply Smithe May 8, 1: Reply Surbhi Apr 7, 5: Reply George Mar 3, 9: Reply Seema Mar 1, 1: Reply Vedran Feb 26, 1: Thank you for your great plugin.

Reply mythili kannan Feb 14, 2: Reply Ajay Damraliya Feb 11, Excellent article and great explanation. Reply eric Jan 28, 5: Fantastic work, the library is pretty solid in Reply Elliot Dec 11, 3: Reply Bartosz Nov 6, 6: I use GET request: My server method looks like so: Thanks in advance, Bartosz.

Reply jip Nov 5, 7: Thanks, be blessed j. Reply Xavier Oct 7, 5: Reply Shaun Wilson Feb 3, 3: Thanks a lot in advance. Reply GK Sep 24, 5: On further digging, I found out that while writing the file to response object it throws following but sometimes it throws following exception: Flush There seems to be couple of reasons for this as suggested in some forums, user navigates to some other page or closes the browser.

In my case none of the above reasons is true. Please advise me on the best way forward. Reply Tasneem Sep 23, 1: Reply Henrique Sep 4, How can I get status error code with fileDownload?

Reply Joost Aug 27, 3: Hope you can help me with that. Reply Matthew deReed Aug 24, 5: Reply Zan Aug 13, Reply Max Dignan Aug 12, 8: Reply Reid Aug 11, 2: It returns the follow error: Reply warframe hacks Aug 4, 5: Reply camiseta seleccion alemania Jul 15, 4: Reply Dan Jun 30, Reply Cheng Jun 19, 1: Reply Girish Ramarao Jun 13, 1: Reply John Culviner Jun 14, 4: Reply Girish Ramarao Jun 16, 9: Reply Girish Ramarao Jun 18, 3: Handled the case based on what responeHtml would have in the script.

I took the Browser detection code from Stackoverflow — Hope this is helpful. Thanks for your pointers John. Reply Minna Jun 9, 5: Reply Niks Jun 9, Reply Imran May 29, Reply Rihard May 29, 2: Reply Fernando May 6, 1: Any idea what may be happening in both cases?

Reply Eric Apr 29, 1: Thanks again for your efforts! Reply John Culviner Apr 29, 9: Reply Sam Apr 20, Reply Saidi Apr 8, 1: Thanks for the good work.

Reply Martin Seul Apr 3, 1: Reply Giax Apr 3, 5: Reply Claes Brandt Mar 18, 8: Reply Roland Apr 6, 3: Reply The Pirate Bay Mar 15, 5: Reply Daniel Mar 12, Reply John Culviner Mar 12, 9: Is there anything you suggest I change on my end?

Reply Daniel Mar 16, Reply Daniel Mar 12, 6: Reply Daniel Mar 12, 5: Reply sschlegel Mar 6, 3: Reply Josip Feb 27, 8: Reply counter strike go wallhack Feb 18, 8: Reply Renish Khunt Feb 17, 8: Reply John Culviner Feb 17, 7: Reply Luca Feb 17, 5: I set these headers: Reply Luca Feb 18, 2: Reply Nan Mazer Feb 6, 9: Reply warner Jan 16, 3: It only works to the author of this js.

Reply John Culviner Feb 2, Reply Jake Jan 7, 8: Reply billy Sep 14, 2: Reply Rahul Patil Dec 17, 1: Can anyone please let me know how to add authorization header to this?

Reply wow videos Dec 9, 3: Reply Ricardum Sep 19, 8: Reply Candida Sep 13, 8: Reply money making programs Sep 7, 1: Reply contoh landing page affiliate Sep 7, The start-up money may well be the determining factor.

Reply social media management Dunstable Sep 2, 7: Reply Bartholomew Jul 29, 8: Reply Bartholomew Jul 28, 7: Reply Malinda Jul 24, 8: Reply Loghin Tivig Jun 26, 9: I attach the headers response: Reply Andrada Jun 19, I set up a cookie in the controller when the zip file and zip url is created, but when I click the button in the template file, the download fires up but the download iframe stops, not reflecting the download process in real time… Thank you!

Reply Ramesh May 31, 7: Reply Leslie Lau May 20, 5: This is my Request and Response: Reply Leslie Lau May 21, Reply Smith May 18, 5: Reply Avneesh May 6, 4: Reply women calvin klein boxers May 5, 7: Reply big fish casino free chips May 3, Reply blackberry website May 1, Reply Aundrea Apr 30, Reply Richard Arrow Apr 30, 9: Like it does not catch the failCallback… Any idea?

The example in your test page has: Reply Audry Apr 29, 7: Reply togakangaroo Mar 31, 5: Reply free online shooting war games Mar 27, 8: Reply batman arkham city cheat codes for pc Mar 21, 9: Reply Emma Mar 18, Reply Narl Juns Mar 7, 2: Reply Javier Feb 24, 3: Reply Mike E Feb 20, 8: Reply anji Jan 30, Thanks for the interesting post… can i get client saved path?

Reply John Culviner Jan 30, Reply Irmie Jan 29, Reply John Aug 1, 1: Reply Regan Jan 28, 7: The issue was with codeigniter.

Reply Regan Jan 28, 1: Reply Richard Jan 25, Reply Avi Jan 19, Reply Annette Jan 18, 6: Reply Philipp Jan 13, 8: Reply import documentation Jan 3, 5: Reply Mukul Garg Dec 30, 1: Please provide the updates for Handler pages.

Reply Benjamin Granados Dec 20, 6: Reply Seguridad Privada Sep 1, Reply Ivi Nov 27, 9: Reply Mayank Ag Nov 20, 7: Any clues on how to get around this?

Reply Gene Raymer Nov 12, 9: Reply swetha Oct 28, 1: Reply Supaiku Oct 10, Reply David Madden Sep 18, 7: Reply alvin Sep 11, Reply Dan Sep 4, 7: Reply Klaus Aug 21, 8: By that I did not need to have it set by code.

Reply hotel Aug 3, 6: Reply Click here to visit this page! Reply sleeping tablets Jul 17, 8: Reply lose weight Jul 17, 6: Reply Giulia Jul 12, 7: Reply Kobus Jul 10, 8: Reply thetom Jul 9, 3: Reply Daniel Jun 20, Reply Alex Jun 11, Would it not be better for each instance to have its own unique cookie name to test?

Reply John Culviner Jun 15, 7: Reply melih Jun 7, 3: Gonzo May 28, Reply Pierpaolo May 24, 9: I cannot tell all my users to do so… Thanks in advance Cheers Pierpaolo.

Reply Michael May 24, 6: Reply BC May 23, I have the following Javascript includes: Any reason whey it crashes on this line in fileDownload.

Reply BC May 23, 1: Reply John Culviner May 23, 8: Reply John Culviner May 16, 9: Reply Ashok Feb 14, 4: This is need for security.

Reply John Culviner Feb 16, Reply Scott Wells Apr 11, Reply Chandra Mar 28, 7: Reply Vivek Mar 6, 2: Reply Sachin Srivastava Mar 1, 2: Reply Federico Debetto Feb 26, Reply Simone Feb 26, 5: Is there a way to get this plugin working for an iOS web app working in full screen mode?

Reply Richard Feb 21, 3: Is there any way to achieve this functionality? Reply Jason Cosman Feb 18, 8: Reply Lisa May 20, 3: Reply william Feb 12, 2: Top class, modern historians now regard that figure as grotesquely disproportionate.

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Moreover, a writer who was born and grew up one hour by car from Auschwitz and three kilometers from the plant where the firm Hoch und Tiefbau AG had built the crematoria for that camp.

In which, alone, 2. Moreover, you desecrate the memory of Witold Pilecki plus other Polish officer escapees from Auschwitz who produced written reports, e.

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The lowest for Auschwitz, for instance by the Polish historian Franciszek Piper , cites 1. The highest figure cited for Auschwitz is 4 million.

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one.

The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments.

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There is currently a push to persuade the Canadian government to grant him and his family political asylum. Firasat was interviewed recently on Alerta Digital TV.

The video below shows the third part of the interview, and includes segments in English of a statement by Terry Jones.

Part 1 , Part 2. Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:.

That means I am watching big, fat flakes accumulating on everything — though the driveway is still clear. Prior to that, we awoke this morning to heavy rains.

It is our good fortune that there was never any period of transitional ice. Why am I talking about the weather, you ask? Because this heavy wet snow may well eventuate in a power outage.

Should that happen we would have no way to tell you why when, once again, no one seems to be home.

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